brand identity / web design

the brief

Create a fresh identity for the agency’s website and social media to showcase student profiles and client work

This 60 person student-led agency is part of the University of Oregon’s SOJC. Each year they work with 5+ clients to create professional campaigns. In the 2020/21 school year I helped to reimagine the agency brand.

The Type

This neat serif font paired with handwritten headlines and scribbles makes each design feel casual. The contrast between the regimented Span type and handwriting gives the impression that each post is an editable and behind-the-scenes piece. Since Allen Hall Advertising is a student-run agency we wanted to include some creative glitches to reflect the always changing and improving nature of its students and the agency.

Texture Is Key

By using multiple paper textures and rips we emulated the imperfections of a hand ripped and glued collage.

Identification Stickers

The stickers identify the account or position that each Allen Hall Advertising student participates in. They each have their own charm and match the energy of each position.

Social Feed

The social feed includes member shoutouts, position descriptions, and other fun tidbits to give some insight into what Allen Hall Advertising does each week.

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Art Direction- Hunter Reed
Art Direction- Annie Novak
Design- Finn Peterson
Design- Natalie Dulansky