brand identity / logo / print design

the brief

Transform SINGER  into a modern brand that reflects the diverse interests and lifestyles of the people who sew.
SINGER caters to a narrow audience of quilt makers and retirees. There is a large opportunity to inspire more diverse projects, and encourage younger audiences to use their machines. SINGER has lost perspective on how its product lives within the world of its owner, and isn’t taking advantage of its role as inspirers of craft.

How can sewing improve mental health?

In garment making, during the design and construction process, various skills, for example, problem solving, were learnt and developed (see Martindale, 2017). The sense of achievement increased during the complicated design and sewing process, ranging from “difficulty to victory” to an enjoyable and successful result. The results showed how sewing can empower the crafters, strengthen the maker’s self-efficacy and self-confidence and lead to personal growth (see Bailey & Fernando, 2012; Burt & Atkinson, 2012; Collier, 2011; Pollanen, 2015a).

Social posts push back against sewing stereotypes by highlighting sewists with diverse gender, body types, and races. An emphasis is placed on sewing's mental health benefits and encourages SINGER owners to start new projects for personal growth and satisfaction.

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art direction - Natalie Dulansky
seamstress - Natalie Dulansky